Short Description and Uses

This small wind turbine is a  machine in which the working parts are a set of powerful Neodymium alloy magnets and a series of copper coils. Powered by a wind-driven propeller it generates an electrical current suitable for charging 12-volt  batteries such as a car batteries. From these you can run a number of useful electrical appliances such as lights, radio, black and white TV, small computer, phone charger, and water pump. All these are commonly and cheaply available as 12-volt items. You can also convert the low voltage direct current (DC) from the battery into mains alternating current (AC) from which you can operate power tools such as electric drill, angle grinder or fret saw.

We will show you how the machine can be made from readily-available materials and components with little previous knowledge or skill.

Newcastle upon Tyne University “Engineers without Borders” group assembling the wind turbine.

Weight of the machine:

Generator alone, 4 kg. With yaw mechanism & propeller, 6.75 kilograms. Propeller diameter , 1.2 metres.

Low weight and small size means that one person alone can assemble and erect the machine

Why would you be interested?

Where there is no connection to cheap mains electricity, a renewable energy device,such as this small wind turbine will give you sufficient electricity to power a number of devices essential to modern living.

Here are some of the possible applications:

Off-the-mains home

Auxiliary battery charger for fishing boat

Ideal for teaching projects

Suitable for small-scale manufacture

Provision for communities which have no mains supply

Gives 150 watts at  10 metres per second  wind speed

Compares well with  similar commercial  machines

Would you like to make one  

or set up a small manufacturing workshop?

Look at the summary of the project

including background, construction

methods and CAD plans.

For a modest fee you can download a 78-page illustrated CONSTRUCTION MANUAL            and a 25-page set of CAD plans mainly 1:1 scale

What else can you find on this website

Performance data and comparison with similar commercial machines

Look at these other websites

Association for the development of locally built small wind turbines for sustainable rural electrification.

Jon Sumanik- Leary


Hugh Piggott