Performance of the Elementa Wind Turbine

The machine acts as a wind-powered BATTERY CHARGER and the energy created when there is plenty of wind is stored for use when you need it.

With suitable battery storage the machine can power the following:

  1. Radio, CD, cassette player
  2. Mobile phone charger
  3. Laptop computer
  4. Water pump
  5. Small craft tools
  6. Compact fluorescent lights,
  7. Fluorescent tubes,
  8. LEDs


Here are two 12 volt, 65 amp / hour batteries connected in series.

With a suitable inverter to convert the 12 volts DC from the battery to “mains” AC, power tools such as electric drill, angle grinder, power saw can be operated.

How much power is there in the wind?

You might think that if you double the windspeed you double the power.

In fact the power is proportional to the CUBE of the windspeed

So doubling the windspeed gives an EIGHTFOLD increase in power.

Results of Bench Tests and Field Tests


To charge a 12 volt battery, the output of the generator must exceed 12 volts. This voltage is reached at a speed of approximately 400 revolutions per minute (RPM).At this speed 5 amps are produced


Charging voltage (12 volts) is attained at a windspeed of 2 metres per second.

Battery therefore starts charging in a light breeze.

The output of small wind turbines is typically quoted for a windspeed of 10 metres per second (approximately 20 miles per hour). At this speed the Elementa produces 150 watts. Even at a modest speed of 5 metres per second, the machine is delivering 70 watts.

See how this compares with similar machines